Die Casting

Shot Tips

HTS iTherm and Alrotec Shot Tips (casting Pistons / Plungers) provide a range of solutions. Available in Metric (mm) and USC (English, inch) system unit dimensions.

Shot Sleeves

Premium Shot Sleeves (Cold Chambers) for filling HPDC systems. Special Fe3O4 OXIMAX surface coating improves lifetime and comes standard.

Shot Rods & Adapters

Custom shot rods (piston rods, bars) to connect Shot Tips to your die cast machine. Custom adapters and spacers allow overall system length to be maintained.

iTherm® Engineered Solutions

Custom conformal cooling solutions for your tool and die challenges.

iTherm® Shot Blocks

iTherm® Shot Blocks (distributors, sprue cores, etc) are an effective cooling solution for this ejector-side component. Standard and Custom options allow for improved biscuit cooling, enabling significant cycle time savings.

Sleeve Refurbishment

Smart price-performance solution to extend in-service life of shot sleeves.

iTherm® Cores / Mandrels

Improve component lifetime, reduce solder, reduce cycle time, and reduce casting porosity in critical areas. Metal savers, cores, slide tips, spline cores, mandrels, and other components are valuable with optimized cooling.

iTherm® Remote Monitoring System

An internet-connected temperature monitoring system for your HPDC shot end system and die components. Monitor performance and receive SMS alerts to help prevent failed components.

iTherm® Chill Vents

Freeze off vent overflows quickly, increase vent airflow, and extend lifetime compared to copper alloy alternatives.

iTherm® Water Supply Plate

A standard solution for supplying coolant to complex arrays of water baffles, bubblers, jet cooling, enabling higher densities of conventional mold cooling.

3D-Printed Prototype Castings

Print an AlSi10Mg prototype casting to speed your design and development timeline.